Special Election News:
The Weekly Standard’s  John McCormack writes, “[i]n a phone call going out to Latino households in New York’s 9th congressional district, Democratic state senator Ruben Diaz slams Democratic candidate David Weprin and endorses Republican Bob Turner in Tuesday’s special election.
In the robo-call, sponsored by the National Organization for Marriage and recorded in Spanish, Diaz denounces Weprin for his vote for same-sex marriage in June of this year. “David Weprin betrayed New York families when he voted to impose same sex marriage,” Diaz says. (Weekly Standard)
Later on Monday, Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. issued a news releasing saying that he’s “encouraged by Siena polls and news reports showing that Conservative Party and pro-family candidate, Bob Turner, has a real chance for victory over his opponent, David Weprin, in this week’s Special Election in New York’s 9th Congressional District. Further, Diaz says, “I praise the Lord that the National Organization for Marriage has given me opportunities to robo-call and send mailings to the voters in the 9th Congressional District about my support for Bob Turner’s pro-family values.  These efforts will empower Bob Turner with real support from New York’s Hispanic community …” (No link)
City Hall News reports that Brooklyn Assembly candidate Rafael Espinal started a newspaper after all the major dailies endorsed his Democratic opponent, Jesus Gonzalez. Voters in the 54th Assembly District got campaign mailings from the newly created “Prime Time News,” featuring articles about Espinal’s work in the community and how he won a recent debate. Shockingly, Prime Time News enthusiastically endorsed Espinal. (CHN)
Trailing in the polls with less than a day until the primary election, Assemblyman David Weprin‘s congressional campaign is pulling out all the stops and hopes to win the race on turnout, especially in the district’s minority areas. The campaign is sending out Spanish- and Chinese-language mailers in hopes of capturing the district’s sizeable Asian and Latino population, and state Sen. Jose Peralta recorded a Spanish-language robo-call for Weprin against Republican Bob Turner.
The News endorses Jesus Gonzalez in the special election in the 54th Assembly District in Brooklyn, saying he alone has the “gumption to stand on his own two feet politically.”