The other night, I asked my wife, Kennedy, “What’s this GCB about?” The answer came a few days later in an email alert from Chaplain Viviana Hernandez. Her email informed me that the true title of this new ABC show “GCB” stands for “Good Christian B*TCHES.” I had seen the TV ads which gave no clue about the show’s name. Like many, now that I know and I’m outraged.
Chaplain Hernandez fumed, “this show is not only offensive but flies in the face of all respect and hypocritical political correctness!” I believe that it is important to hold media “giants,” such as ABC/Disney responsible to their viewing audience.
Many Christians are rightly asking, “how dare ABC/Disney premiere such an insult during the season of Lent!”
ABC would never broadcast a program titled, “RBM — Radical BAST*** Muslims” as a show regarding the terrorists who murdered our citizens on September 11, 2001. Or would any network dare to air a show called, “MGJB” — Money Grubbing J*w BAST*RDS.
Leaders in the Christian faith community are calling ABC/Disney to demand that they pull GCB from its Sunday night lineup.
In the light of this MOCKERY of Christian faith and INSULT to Christian, God-fearing women, believers have said that this attack on people of faith must not go unanswered. People are urged to take ACTION by “flooding” the ABC comment line at (818) 460-7477. Be sure to use code# 459.
Already Christians are mobilizing to boycott all ABC/Disney programming (including ESPN and Soapnet) in an effort to completely shutdown ABC/Disney programming.