Joyce Johnson issued the following statement today:

“I’m running for Congress again in 2012 because I continue to believe what I did then: that a brighter future is possible for all of us when we work together and have strong, efficient leaders in place to support us,” Johnson wrote.

“We need leaders that understand the value of creating jobs that offer equal pay for equal work; of investing in our youth by building better schools, hiring quality teachers, and fostering cleaner, safer environments for them to learn and play; and of bridging the social and economic divide that continues to burden hardworking individuals and families across America, and in my own neighborhood.”

“This is a future that every American deserves. But it cannot be accomplished with legislators heavily invested in maintaining the status quo of ‘politics as usual.’ The only way forward is with pragmatic yet innovative leaders who are connected to the people they’ve been hired to serve, and who can envision our community’s future as it ought to be – full of promise and opportunity.”

“That is the future I see and will fight hard to achieve as Congresswoman of New York’s 13th District.”

Ms. Johnson, an African American business executive,  joins state Senator Adriano Espaillat and former Obama aide, Clyde Williams as announced candidates in NY-13.
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