Former Rep. Artur Davis after conceding the Alabama Democratic gubernatorial race in June 2010.

It seems that the brother former Rep. Artur Davis (D-AL) has lost his mind. A few months ago, he left the Democratic Party to join the GOP. It seems his apostasy has been rewarded by Team Romney and the Republican National Committee. Davis was named as a featured prime time speaker at next week’s Republican Presidential Convention.
Davis left Congress after a failed bid for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Alabama. Apparently, Democrats statewide, even in his home congressional district, rejected his candidacy. Many think he has been harboring resentments ever since.
For weeks now, I had been considering a response to his letter justifying his rejection of the Democratic Party. Like Davis, I’m not always in sync with every public policy and political position of the national and state Democratic party. Like him, I endorsed Senator Barack Obama in 2007 because I believed he presented a new way forward. Like him, I left elected office at the end of 2010. But unlike brother Davis, I haven’t become disillusioned with or angry at President Obama.
Another difference is I wouldn’t switch political parties during this presidential cycle. And I’ve been offered the opportunity. President Obama is my president– like Bill Clinton (except the Lewinsky lie)– warts and all.
President Obama has played four years with an underinflated national economy. As in basketball, you can’t score any points when you’re shooting a dead ball and some of your teammates are working against you.