I just finished reading this article at BCNN1, “Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Panel Asks: Can Christians Vote for a Mormon,” about a panel discussion recently held by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The topic is important to all believers: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Buddists, et. al.
I’ve reprinted two relevant passages below. I ask you to think about the passages and how you answer that question.

“Addressing an issue on the minds of many evangelical voters as a Mormon runs for president, a Baptist seminary panel said Tuesday that evangelicals must jettison — for the good of their faith — the idea that the White House occupant must be a “religious mascot” for Christianity.
“The question is not John 3:16 in terms of reading the regeneration of the person’s heart,” Moore said. “The question is Romans 13: Does this person have the kind of wisdom to bear the sword on behalf of God’s authority that He has granted to the state? And can I trust that person to protect society? That’s the fundamental question.”

Read the rest of the BCNN1 article here.
When I ran for office in 2001 and again from 2003-2010, I would ask all communities to pray that God grant me the wisdom to advance the cause of a just government and a just society.

President Obama supports extending the school year.

President Barack Obama

I support the re-election of President Barack Obama because he has shown the wisdom and the judicious temperament needed to lead our fractious nation. President Obama has been untruthfully assailed as a foreigner, covert Muslim, a radical left-wing Christian, and the anti-Christ. In my humble opinion, it takes a godly man to remain unbroken by these relentless and scurrilous attacks on his integrity, his policies, and his family.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney‘s Mormon faith is not the issue. Mr. Romney has a displayed a worrisome habit of taking policy positions in order to appease or impress whatever audience he is addressing. Romney is the proverbial “willow in the wind” moving to and fro with each gusting breeze.
I believe that God directed people stay the course and accept the slings and arrows of critics.
I ask you to consider the fullness of the question asked by the Southern Baptists and that you reflect on your beliefs as you understand them. The fate of our nation rests on how people of professed faith answer that question.