On today’s Washington Watch, the host Roland Martin said that President Obama (Was Obama Scared of Romney) needed a “hype man” like Bundini Brown to walk him into the next debate. After the show, I switched to ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown and caught a feature on Ray Lewis, who gives motivational speeches on his off-days.
Lewis was shown giving pep talks to a high school football squad during a tornado (Oh yeah, RL is a bad man!), Loyola University players prior to their NCAA lacrosse championship game and to Stanford University men’s basketball prior to the NIT championship. Both Loyola and Stanford won their championship games.
Ray Lewis motivates! “I’m pissed off for greatness!

I’m pissed off for greatness. Because [if] you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that mean you OK with being mediocre. Ain’t no man in here OK with being just space. So let’s do what we do. Tonight, we ain’t gotta worry about taking no breaks.

One Loyola player said that Ray Lewis scared him because he looks like “he’s staring into your soul.”
Just what Obama needs for his rematch with Romney.
With Ray Lewis in his head, President Obama should be able to demolish Mitt Romney despite the town hall format of the next debate. We know that President Obama is not OK with mediocre.

Sting young man, sting.

Muhammad Ali & Bundini Brown