Ten o’clock this morning (July 12), almost two dozen parent coordinators and an inflatable RAT held a rally denouncing Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s plan to ax 1400 of their colleagues should he become the next Mayor of NYC. The demonstration was held outside Weiner’s Park Avenue apartment building on East 20th Street.
Parent Coordinators are under attack by Anthony Weiner.  Weiner in his ‘KEYS TO THE CITY – 64 Ideas to Keep New York the Capital of the Middle Class’ policy proposal, proposes the elimination of  the Parent Coordinator position in our public schools if elected Mayor.
Parent Coordinators are mostly women who have or have had children at one time in the public school system.
Parent Coordinators are an integral part of the school community supporting parents and students.  For the last 10 years, Parent Coordinators have worked hard to support parents under Mayor Bloomberg’s oppressive mayoral control.   Accordingly, we find it alarming that mothers, grandmothers and “minority group” members, who are the majority of Parent Coordinators, are now being targeted for elimination by Weiner.
Although Weiner talks about supporting the middle class and helping low income New Yorkers enter the middle class, he seeks to eliminate almost 1400 jobs, driving them to the unemployment line.  Ironically, Weiner is asking New Yorker’s for a second chance at employment using our tax dollars, yet he intends to destroy that chance for 1400 Parent Coordinators.  For many Parent Coordinators, their jobs are their “second chance”.
“The hypocrisy of Weiner is astounding.  New Yorkers deserve better than Anthony Weiner,” said Mona Davids, Local 372 political director and president of the NYC Parents Union .