¡Adios, Maria! Shocking accusations of massive petition fraud alleged against City Councilwoman Maria Arroyo by council challenger by Julio Pabon and his attorney. http://m.nydailynews.com/1.1409058
Arroyo’s paid subscribing witnesses/petition-gatherers submitted pages of fraudulent voters’ signatured: Derek Jeter, Joe Buck, Theo Epstein, Kate Moss, Tom Jones. Names forged from walk lists signed last name first, e.g., Benjamin Michael. Sad.
Permeation of fraud, by precedent (case law), is tied to candidate who hired petition team.
Arroyo faces humiliation of not qualifying for the ballot. Sad.
Shameful turn of events for this once powerful South Bronx political clan, if this comes to pass.
Sources say Arroyo has lost Bronx Democratic Party backing as party’s powerhouse elex lawyer Stanley K. Schlein is not representing her in defense of her petitions.
Stay tuned, folks. The show is about to get interesting.