The NY State Assembly must enforce its anti-sexual harassment policies fairly and accross the board. Only Silver’s enemies seem to feel the full brunt of the policy and punishment; allies less so.

From the NY Daily News editorial board:

"When two female aides complained in 2011 of chronic lechery by Lopez, the then-powerful Brooklyn Democratic boss, Silver tossed Assembly policy, covered for his ally with a secret settlement costing taxpayers $103,000 and did nothing to stop Lopez from pawing employees again.

Only after Lopez abused two more women — the women who are suing Silver in federal court — did Silver order a formal probe and public censure.The speaker has made a similar hash of the Kellner situation. Looking to live down the Lopez scandal, Silver last year stripped Kellner of committee posts and staff based on charges that seemed less serious than those against Lopez.

While Kellner may well have been in the wrong, Silver has run him through a star chamber. The Ethics Committee refused to show Kellner the findings of its investigation, allow him to cross-examine accusers or even spell out what he supposedly did wrong. An arbitrator hand-picked by Silver to hear Kellner’s appeal last month found Silver’s Assembly had denied Kellner due process.Regardless, Silver and the Ethics Committee hit Kellner with new charges — and new, stiffer sanctions — on Wednesday. The public has no way to judge whether Kellner had it coming or is being subjected to a political vendetta.

Silver’s secretive and all-over-the-map actions, ill-serving victims and denying the rights of the accused, demean the Assembly."

Michael Benjamin