Kyle Smith of the New York Post reported that on Tuesday:

“[Jurors] got to hear [from former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver] when prosecutors played tape of him telling The Post’s longtime Albany observer Fredric U. Dicker that he was just a humble lawmaker.

“My clients are little people. I don’t represent any corporations, I don’t represent any entities that are involved in legislation,” Silver said on a May 2008 recording.
Witkoff and Glenwood are multibillion-dollar players in the New York real-estate game. They are far from little.

Judge Valerie Caproni praised Dicker’s interviewing skills: “He’s trying to figure out how he got the referrals. It turns out to be an incredibly prescient question,” Caproni said.”

The federal prosecutors are laying out a very detailed case ladened with direct credible testimony and powerful exhibits meant to lead Jurors to one conclusion. It will be interesting to see how Silver’s defense team creates reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors.

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