Former Queens City Councilman Dan Halloran loses appeal after bribe, corruption conviction

Disgraced Queens politician Dan Halloran, a former City Councilman convicted of corruption and bribery in July 2014, lost his appeal Thursday in the Second Circuit on Thursday.

A U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals panel upheld Halloran’s conviction — and the 10-year sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas in March 2015.

When Halloran was serving on the Council, he was also serving himself through two bribery schemes, Manhattan federal prosecutors had charged.

Halloran, who was on the Council from 2010 to 2013, promised to divert municipal funds to bribe-payers.

And Halloran tried to help former State Sen. Malcolm Smith buy his way onto the 2013 mayoral ballot — with bribes.

The Second Circuit panel concluded "there was sufficient evidence" Halloran wanted to funnel city funds to bribe-payers and that he broke the law in trying to help Smith’s mayoral bid.

"We further hold that Halloran’s sentence was reasonable and reject his remaining arguments," the opinion said.

His lawyer, Jonathan I. Edelstein, said in a statement that "Mr. Halloran is considering his options" following his unsuccessful appeal.