I’m a fan of the Epoch Times newspaper (a media group that includes NDTV) for their support of religious freedom in China and opposition to the Communist party dictatorship that runs that nation.

It’s very obvious that Hollywood is putting making money in the (soon-to-be the world’s largest movie market) ahead of human rights concerns and democracy. The CCP only permits 34 "foreign" movies to be shown in China annually. The Chinese Communist Party keeps 75 cents of each dollar earned at the box office.

The Epoch Times/NDTV China Uncensored explains that Hollywood tailors many of its films to be among the 34 movies shown in China. They hedge their bets by hiring Chinese stars or film sequences with Chinese actors that are only in the version released in China. Watch the video and learn.

5 Hollywood Movies Infiltrated By China | China Uncensored / EpochTimes.com

"There’s a pretty good chance that the next hit blockbuster you watch will have been changed to appease the Chinese Communist Party."


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