On Wednesday, January 5, I was a panelist on LIVE Foxnews.com’s online news program discussing the 112th Congress and the ascendency of House Speaker John Boehner. Harris Faulkner hosts the Morning Click. Chris Metzler, Associate Dean, Georgetown University and I discussed how President Obama will handle Speaker Boehner and the 112th Congress. The discussion ranged from the influence of the Tea Party to repeal of the healthcare law. Mr. Metzler was dismissive of President Obama’s pledge to govern in a bipartisan manner. I challenged Mr. Metzler and the House Tea Party Caucus to join their Democratic colleagues in reforming campaign finance. 

President Obama signs the James Zadroga 9/11 Health Act on January 2, 2011.

The link is to a 5-minute segment discussing President Obama’s agenda and the Republican-led Congress : http://video.foxnews.com/?playlist_id=162726#/v/4486182/how-will-obama-approach-the-112th/?playlist_id=162726.
It was my first appearance on Foxnews.com for 2011 after 4-5 appearances in 2010. 
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