POLITICO: The House rejected a resolution Wednesday to fund the government through Nov. 18, as GOP leaders were unable to overcome opposition from Democrats who wanted more disaster relief and conservatives who wanted to cut more deeply. And pressure from an angry Speaker John Boehner didn’t work — he even threatened to strip committee assignments.
Is Boehner losing control of House Republicans?

The photo accompanying the story sums it up for Speaker Boehner — NADA (“nothing”). New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver would never bring a leadership bill to the floor until it had sufficient majority conference support to pass without minority conference votes. I thought Boehner was a pro.
Betrayal by conservatives and tea party ideologues severely undercut Speaker Boehner. His rebels cannot run the federal government with a “kitchen table” budgeting approach.
Boehner cannot be effective if he has to fight the Democrats on one front while defending against a rearguard assault in his conference. But Wednesday’s defeat definitely exposed weaknesses in his leadership team.