There are signs that Rudy Giuliani is still digging around on a presidential run. The former New York Mayor dispatched a top advisor yesterday to meet with state GOP officials in New Hampshire, looking to gauge their interest on a potential presidential run.
In an early September interview, Giuliani told CNN’s Piers Morgan that if “Barack Obama remains roughly where he is now, sure I think I could beat him. ”That same week, Giuliani told an audience he would run again only if the GOP became “desperate.”
Is the GOP presidential race desperate for a fresh face like Giuliani’s?  Or is the presidential field too crowded as it is?
BENJAMIN:  It’s long past time for Rudy Giuliani to stand down. He was a man of his times as Mayor of New York City. Truthfully, Giuliani tamed a city few thought could be tamed. New Yorkers will remember him longer than we will remember Mike Bloomberg.
Rudy Giuliani was the “Chris Christie” mold. He was rude to and dismissive of his critics. He forged successful bi-partisan alliances with Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo and City Council Speaker Peter Vallone when necessary.
But 9/11 was both his apex and his nadir. His leadership bouyed the city but his ill-advised grab for an extended mayoralty bared his venality.
Running for President would be a “desperate” motive for one whose ambition now truly exceeds his grasp. Don’t run Rudy. Newt Ginrich is enough. And Governor Christie is the new flavor of the moment.
Rudy should follow the advice offered by the newspaper man at the end of ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance‘ —

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Rudy should leave us with the legend of “America’s Mayor.”
Do you think Rudy should run for President?
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