BREAKING NEWS: Gloria Jones-Grant, a key prosecution witness in the corruption trial of CM Larry Seabrook says she has dementia.
This marks a second setback in the government’s case against Seabrook. On Day 1 of the trial, Leon Eastmond denied participating in the alleged kickback scheme.
On re-direct, assistant US Attorney Wible tried to imply that Jones-Grant may have had an illicit conversation with the defendant. Ms. Jones-Grant admitted to speaking with CM Seabrook three weeks ago. Read more below.
One of the government’s key witnesses in the federal corruption trial of Councilman Larry Seabrook admitted under cross examination Tuesday that she has been under the care of a physician for the early stages of dementia.
The witness, 71-year-old Gloria Jones-Grant, was Seabrook’s former girlfriend and executive director of the three non-profits Seabrook allegedly used to pocket more than a $1 million in earmarked City Council discretionary funds.
Jones-Grant was granted federal immunity from prosecution from the government in exchange for her testimony, which has been halting and contradictory.
Seabrook’s lead attorney Ed Wilford asked Jones-Grant if she had advised the government of her diagnosis during her meeting with federal investigators in the fall. She said she had not.
Throughout the morning Jones-Grant testified that cash she had passed on to Seabrook from consultant contracts he had helped her get were not nefarious but installments on an $18,000 personal loan from Seabrook.
Under re-direct by Assistant U.S. Attorney Brent Wible Jones-Grant said she had spoken with Seabrook three weeks ago.
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Michael Benjamin
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