The National Journal carries a website story about Joint Chief Chairman General Martin Dempsey ‘s speech before the Atlantic Alliance where he shares his concern about the economic uncertainty gripping the European Union.
The comments illustrate a broader point: The European economic crisis is emerging as an unexpected concern for senior U.S. commanders, who are increasingly worried not just about the state of the American economy—whose frailty is spurring deep cuts in Pentagon spending—but also about the health of the economies of key U.S. allies.
Seems to me like a “Seven Days In May” style scenario playing out in real life. Were Gen. Dempsey not an American West Point-educated general, I’d be worried about a military putsch.
I’m sure Rep. Ron Paul and the “black helicopter” crowd will seize on Gen. Dempsey’s remarks and his meeting with Fed chairman Ben Bernanke.
An alignment of the military, the Fed and Wall Street over the economic viability of the European Union should be a major cause for concern for freedom-loving Americans.
I respect and admire General Dempsey’s global concern. The US cannot afford to be caught flat-footed if a European economic meltdown destablizes our NATO alliance.
We must prepared for a rearming Communist China, a Russia beset by growing nationalism, and instability in the Arab world. We must also make sure that our military leaders understand that President Obama is their commander-in-chief.
Michael Benjamin
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