I highly recommend this short essay, “Trayvon Martin, White America and the Return of Dred Scott,” written by Tim Wise places the recent killing of Trayvon Martin in an historical perspective.

“The active and putrescent campaign of defamation now in full swing against this dead child is a reminder of just how little black life matters to some. No matter the facts, their deaths are always justified.
These are the ideological soul mates of those who insisted Emmett Till really did say “Bye Baby” to that white woman, as if such an offense could even theoretically justify shooting him, tying a cotton gin fan to his neck with barbed wire, and tossing him in the Tallahatchie River.
No rights which the white man is bound to respect.”

Mr. Wise’s words are powerful. He hits the “white supremacy” nail squarely on its head. Tim, unlike many other writers, puts the shooting of Trayvon within the appropriate historical context. Dead black victims are almost always turned into aggressors in order to justify their deaths. This essay should be required reading for every pundit, journalist and jurist in America.
I also urge that you also reblog it, tweet it, put it up on your Facebook wall, or forward it. The power of Mr. Wise’s words must be read.
Read the rest of this powerful indictment of white supremacy in 2012 America: Tim Wise » Trayvon Martin, White America and the Return of Dred Scott.