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They’re at it again. The sexuality education mafia has a new campaign to further sexualize our children and encourage sexual promiscuity among black and Hispanic adolescents (and increasingly pre-adolescents). A new City ad campaign paid for by our federal and city tax dollars aims to misinform our youth that condoms and birth control together  will prevent HIV, other STDs and pregnancy. Birth control does not prevent HIV/STD transmission.
Pre-mature sex, pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases have devastating psychological and physical health effects on pre-adolescents and teenagers.
The city Education Department’s newly imposed sexuality education mandate opened the door to this “public health” propaganda campaign. NYC Parents Choice tried to raise the alarm and promote abstinence-centered sex education as alternative for concerned parents and students.
Metro – the free daily newspaper- reported the following:
New York City today launches an ad campaign directed at encouraging South Bronx teens to use condoms and birth control — together — to prevent HIV other STDs and pregnancy. The campaign is part of the city’s efforts to ensure that all teens have the information, skills and resources to make healthy decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. 

The South Bronx has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and STDs in New York City; in 2009, 12 out of every 100 teens aged 15-19 became pregnant. 

Nearly nine out of 10 teen pregnancies in New York City are unintended. The ad campaign emphasizes the need to use condoms together with hormonal birth control or the intrauterine device. These two methods, when used together, are 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs, including HIV. In the South Bronx, only 11 percent of sexually active public high school students report using condoms together with hormonal birth control or the IUD.

The ad campaign is one component of Bronx Teens Connection, a project of the NYC Health Department that is working to lower teen birth rates in the South Bronx.  It is one of nine projects across the nation that is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to improve teens’ sexual and reproductive health.  

Bronx Teens Connection is based at the Bronx District Public Health Office and includes as its partners local schools, clinics, community-based organizations and several city agencies. It seeks to ensure that Bronx teens are receiving comprehensive sexual health education in high schools and that they have access to age-appropriate, confidential, affordable re­­­productive health services.  
via Metro – City’s health campaign focuses on safe sex.
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