Mayor Bloomberg’s fondness for social engineering initiatives has taken another misstep. Fortunately, there are 576 days remaining in the Nanny MacBloomberg era.

New Yorkers, except for those possessing utter contempt for obese people, are opposed to his proposal restricting the size of beverages sold in delis, restaurants and sports arenas.

Wealthy people, as exemplified by Michael Bloomberg, always think they know what’s best for the lower classes. From birth control to slum clearance to sweet drinks, the wealthy patrons of elite do-gooders have funded the latest eugenic schemes.

Nanny MacBloomberg is only the latest –and most dangerous— because he controls the triple levers of government, media and wealth.

Bloomberg proud proclaims himself the mayor most dedicated to separating church and state. It’s funny how secularists who speak like that always believe themselves to be the voice of omniscient authority. Then they begin to impose their will on the rest of us.

Whether you call it narcissism, fascism or eugenics, it’s wrong.

Mayor Bloomberg and his agents have a bigger presence in our lives than even George Orwell’s Big Brother. Mayor Bloomberg has used his bully pulpit to push New Yorkers around.

This year, the city stopped renting space to over 60 faith groups that held weekend worship services in public schools. The Bloomberg administration has also proposed initiatives forcing residential landlords to regulate smoking in apartments, mandating sexuality education in middle schools, denying second helpings to school kids in city breakfast programs, and encouraging new mothers to breast-feed.

The mayor’s weird fixation on fat people may end the Breakfast in the Classroom program (which itself is a dubious notion) because a second helping of oatmeal might contribute to childhood obesity and force city hospitals to encourage more breast-feeding which may reduce the risks of childhood obesity.

We are on the road from “nanny-state” to full-blown cradle to grave Bloombergism. American conservatives have more to fear in Mayor Bloomberg than President Obama.

What is it with some people and power? After 9/11, Giuliani so believed in his indispensibility that he also tried to extend his stay in power (even while democratic elections were taking place). Back then, Citizen Bloomberg was repulsed by the idea. Flash forward eleven years and Great Leader Bloomberg has dispensed with term limits and is limiting religious expression and individual freedom.

When Bloomberg overturned term limits (with Speaker Christine Quinn’s approval) and won re-election, did New Yorkers think he’d morph into Hugo Chavez?

Bloomberg’s nanny state is full of contradictions.

Homosexual men and women can choose to marry but no one gets a choice about which food and beverages to purchase. Children can obtain sexuality education, contraceptives and abortions without parental consent yet teachers can’t take them to the Bronx Zoo without signed parental consent forms.

Children as young as eleven can obtain free condoms in school but can’t purchase sweet beverages or cupcakes in school. The Mayor is stealing the sweet memories of childhood from our children.

Bloomberg claims that his secularism prevents private religious beliefs from being imposed on the public. However, the exclusion of religion from the public sphere is and of itself is a governmental imposition.

His social reform initiatives are cruel hoaxes upon a public that wishes to be left alone.

Despite his silly assertion that he’s commander-in-chief of the world’s seventh largest army with an anti-aircraft missile defense system, our Great Mayor’s march towards secular humanism will not so easily be imposed on New Yorkers.

New York City is neither Beijing nor Damascus.

Mayor Bloomberg will only take my Big Gulp from my cold dead hands.

Are you ready to surrender more of your liberty to Nanny MacBloomberg? Leave a comment.