Unusual, in the annals of political fundraising is my friend, Alicia Barksdale’s City Council fundraiser targeting pregnant women. The event is the brainchild of her daughter, Aicila, who’s a registered nurse. The child-birthing classes highlight the lack of such services in locally in West Harlem and Washington Heights. Women’s health services is an area of concern that Alicia wants to address in the City Council.
From Saturday’s NY Daily News:
“It’s a new way to deliver a victory on Election Day.
A City Council hopeful in northern Manhattan, Alicia Barksdale, is holding “child-birth class” fundraisers to generate money for her campaign.
While most candidates provide white wine and cheese at their fundraisers, Barksdale will serve up six hours of instruction in everything from breathing techniques to prenatal massage at hers.”
Suggested donation: $50 per couple per class. Donate here: http://bit.ly/19cVrUH
Read more: http://nydn.us/10UiT4n