“New York City could use a blue collar hero in the role of public advocate. Cathy Guerriero looks to fit the bill.”
While the New York media have been concerned with the travails of bad boys running for mayor and comptroller, Cathy Guerriero, a little known but energetic professorial dynamo has been crisscrossing the five boroughs like a veritable (“bing, bing, bing”) Ricochet Rabbit. Her frenetic schedule nearly rivals that of John Liu, who is also seemingly ubiquitous.
Cathy burst into the collective media consciousness late last month when a poll showed her besting most of her better known, more moneyed and politically connected competitors in the public advocate’s race.
I met Guerriero for coffee in April when few people were aware of her candidacy. I came away impressed, as much by her academic pedigree as her “no fear” approach to her maiden political voyage.
Upon hearing her distinct outer borough accent that morning, I was convinced she could connect with the working class New Yorkers I grew up knowing.