In the Bronx, the corruption beat goes go — particularly in the scandal-plagued West Bronx.
This week, the Crain’s Inside blog reported on the strange and twisty road that Councilman Rev. Fernando Cabrera is traveling regarding his on & off support for the Kingsbridge National Ice Center (a development plan for the long vacant Kingsbridge Armory).
The Insider reports, “Behind the scenes, however, Mr. Cabrera’s stance has been less clear. He was widely thought to be a major proponent of a competing plan to develop a retail marketplace, fitness center and movie house at the armory and has privately voiced concerns over the ice center. Last month, accusations were made (in the NY Times) that in exchange for his support Mr. Cabrera asked KNIC’s developers to donate $100,000 a year for the next 99 years to his former charity, Community Action Unlimited.”
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Why can’t some people, like Rev. Cabrera, play it straight? Government isn’t the lottery or a honey pot for political ne’er-do-wells.
Let’s see how this plays out in the City Council in the coming days. I don’t see how lame-duck Council Speaker Christine Quinn permits rejection of the KNIC project (possibly based on Cabrera’s failed extortion) to be a final stain on her speakership.
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