Embattled Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson is up to his old funny-money tricks, critics charge.

Sampson was indicted by the feds last year for allegedly stealing $440,000 from housing escrow accounts and using part of the proceeds to help fund a failed bid to become Brooklyn district attorney.

Sampson has yet to stand trial and is seeking re-election to his Senate seat. But he is now being accused by a chief rival and election lawyers of using questionable, if not illegal, practices to finance his re-election campaign.

Sampson has reported that his campaign treasury has a deficit of $28,746 — a red flag that raises questions on how or where he’s getting the money to finance his re-election bid.The Committee to Re-elect John Sampson raised only $36,646 over the past six months. And he has to pay mounting legal bills from lawyers in the pending federal case.

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Michael Benjamin