Well, it looks like the Bronx County Democratic organization has a major battle on its hands in the 79 Assembly District. This morning, the Appellate Division, First Department found no reason to disturb [Justice Carter’s] adoption of the referee’s report and recommendation” to dismiss the petition against Blake. The Appellate Court found that there was no clear and convincing proof that Michael Blake’s claimed residence was a sham. His testimony was adduced to be truthful.

Given Blake’s clear fundraising advantage (in excess of $200,000) and promise to run an Obama-like ground operation, attorney Marsha Michael will have to work overtime to bring our her local supporters. Michael has reportedly been reminding voters that she has always remained in and involved in the Bronx. Clearly, a shot at Blake. Sources say that both campaigns have targeted Concourse Village, a voter rich middle income co-op community, as their main battleground. Michael and Blake have been canvassing the six building co-op regularly.

George Alvarez, a well-funded insurgent, recently launched a new online Spanish-language campaign ad. The one-minute ad is slated for Spanish-language television. 

In other news, the First Department affirmed Justice Carter’s decision in Mack v Joyner (77AD). The Court “did not find as a matter of law, that the entire [Joyner] designating petition is permeated with fraud.” LaToya Joyner, the choice of the Council Member Vanessa Gibson and the Bronx Democratic organization, will be on the September ballot with Rev. Verdell Mack, Sherrise Palomino, and Carlton Curry. None of the candidates are well-funded but the insurgent (anti-County) candidates reported having more than $1500 cash-on-hand (as of 8/4). Combined!

Remember polls are open 6 AM to 9 PM on Primary Day, September 9.

Michael Benjamin is a columnist and blogger as well as a former state legislator who represented the 79 AD, 2003-2010.

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