[NOTE: I was informed late Wednesday afternoon that attorneys for plaintiffs in Wright v State of New York had filed a letter advising the Court that they did not oppose the consolidation motion back on Friday, August 22. Click here.]
Since my initial report about NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman quietly filing a motion asking the court of original jurisdiction (in Staten Island) to consolidate the two teacher tenure lawsuits, Davids v State of NY and Wright v SONY, into one case, i.e., Davids. It appears that AG Schneiderman’s motion isn’t sitting well with journalist-turned-ed reformer, Campbell Brown and the heavy hitters behind her Partnership for Education Justice (PEJ).
Word is slowly leaking that efforts are underway to muscle the Davids plaintiffs (led by the pesky Mona Davids and the NYC Parents Union) and their Staten Island attorney off the teacher tenure stage. Apparently, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has nothing over Ms. Brown and PEJ when it comes to crushing the competition..
I’ll be writing a fuller account as more information becomes available (ie, unintimidated witnesses come forward).
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