The NY Post’s Nicole Gelinas sees free markets as the answer to political corruption in NY:

“[M]any of the city’s real-estate interests don’t prefer honest politics. They’re happy to have someone who will do favors.

You see the same thing at play with the guy who’s trying to become a powerful politician: Mayor de Blasio. As a New York Times report detailed last week, developers are showering hundreds of thousands of dollars on his shadow “non-political” action committee.

But because de Blasio’s dirty-dealings power base is fragile — he couldn’t even get the horses banned — the developers control de Blasio, rather than the other way around.

The mayor hasn’t garnered the voters’
respect, because they can see who works for whom. Why do you think the city hasn’t used its rezoning power to limit the super-tall towers whose shadows increasingly darken Central Park?”

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