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The left’s latest censorship trick targets YouTube

It looks like the lefty speech fascists have a new trick: Flag right-of-center YouTube videos as “potentially objectionable” to keep eyes off them.

The latest victim is Christina Hoff Sommers, an author and scholar known for her books and speeches critical of “establishment” feminism. Trolls are marking her “factual feminist” videos — debunking myths like the “wage gap” and challenging the notion that video games are sexist — as “objectionable.”

Also labeled “potentially objectionable” are videos from Prager University, a project of right-of-center writer Dennis Prager — including a five-minute lecture on the history of Israel by Harvard prof Alan Dershowitz.

Once a video is flagged, its owner can no longer receive ad revenue — and an on-screen disclaimer misrepresents the educational video as possibly nasty stuff. YouTube actually has a reward system for anyone who reports “inappropriate content” — an extra incentive for the trolls.

Sommers is all too familiar with lefty bullying: Like all too many unorthodox thinkers, she’s faced numerous campus protests and even speech cancellations because the left would rather censor than argue.

If YouTube doesn’t want to keep enabling these petty fascists, it better rethink its “potentially objectionable” system.

Michael Benjamin
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